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CoPilot Taxi Bicycle Child Seat

Having kids is no longer an excuse for not biking because the CoPilot Taxi Bicycle Child Seat provides comfort for both you and your child. The Taxi is CoPilot's standard child seat. A bike seat allows your child to comfortably relax while you focus on enjoying your ride. Loading and unloading your child into a CoPilot Taxi takes some practice and getting used to. However, it will not be long before you can easily and quickly load your child into it. On level ground, carrying a child does not add much stress to your ride. However, riding up and down hills with is a solid leg workout that requires mental focus. My wife takes our daughter to and from day care every day using our CoPilot Taxi. We also use it to go on family rides on multi-use paths and trails. In this time, it has remained durable and has not shown any negative signs of wear and tear. If you have more than one child then I recommend upgrading to a trailer that can hold two kids.

CoPilot Bike Seat

Key features of the CoPilot Taxi:

  • Can carry a child up to 40 lbs
  • Foot straps to keep your child's feet from kicking you or getting in your way
  • Fits all styles and sizes of adult bikes except bikes with rear disc brakes
  • Can carry cargo (e.g., backpack, work bag) up to 40 lbs when child is not in the seat
  • Securely fastens to your bike and can be moved to another bike that also has a Blackburn Expedition Plus Rack

Tips for using the CoPilot Taxi:

  • Buckle up your child with the chest strap before putting your child's helmet on because the strap does not always fit over your child's head with a helmet on
  • Carefully use a spotter and/or lean your bike up against a wall to help stabilize the it while you load and unload your child
  • Hold the frame and not the steering wheel when loading and unloading your child
  • Give yourself more time and space to brake since you are carrying a heavier load
  • Install the bike rack that comes with the seat using the recommended extenders because not using the extenders will most likely install the seat at a bad angle

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