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Our name, Two Knobby Tires®, was inspired by our passion for cycling and mountain biking. Our mission is to support your healthy, active, and eco friendly lifestyle.

Green Guru Gear - Recycled Bicycle Tubes

Green Guru Gear makes highly functional and stylish bicycle accessories using materials that were previously destined for a landfill. Specifically, they use recycled bicycle tubes and other reclaimed materials to make commuting accessories that include handlebar bags, bike seat bags, and pant leg straps.

Reflective Leg Straps   Bicycle Handlebar Bag   Bike Seat Bag   Dashboard Bag
Reflective Leg Straps   Handlebar Bag   Bike Seat Bag   Dashboard Bag

Commuting by Bike

Riding a bicycle to work, to class, or for errands is a great way to limit our carbon emissions and dependency on oil. We hope our product reviews help you find new gear: Niner SIR 9, Giant Boulder, Boot Scoot Zoomer, CoPilot Taxi Bicycle Child Seat, Kryptonite KryptoFlex Combination Cable Lock, Shimano Clipless Pedals & Shoes, and Planet Bike Front and Rear Bicycle Lights. In addiiton, bicycle maintenance can be easy but is often frustrating so we have documented the following procedures with step-by-step instructions and pictures: Bicycle Cleaning and Preparation, Cantilever Brake Adjustment, How To Add Tire Sealant and Rear Derailleur Adjustment.

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