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Bring the Pets

Bring the Dogs Hiking

We sell reflective dog collars and leashes made from recycled bicycle tubes.

Cycle Dog Reflective Collars and Leashes

Cycle Dog produces innovative collars and leashes that are handmade in Portland, Oregon from reclaimed bicycle tubes. Key features of their products:

  • Comfortable - reclaimed bicycle tubes are more comfortable on hands than traditional nylon leashes
  • Durable - double stitched design is tough enough to support large dogs
  • Eco-friendly - limits post-consumer waste by reducing trash (i.e., bicycle tubes)
  • Reflective - exterior is reflective, which increases visibility during times of low light
  • Stink resistant - bicycle tubes dry quickly and resist odor build up
Cycle Dog Leash   Cycle Dog Collar
Cycle Dog Leash   Cycle Dog Collar

Hiking with Dogs

It is important to protect the environment by picking up your dog's feces and, thus, we advocate pet waste bags. For longer hikes, a dog backpack can be a safe way to have your dog carry its own water, treats, and waste bags. Keeping up with your dog can be a strenuous activity and, thus, we recommend wicking activewear.

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